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Lava Gel is a flame-free heat engine, comprised of food-grade minerals from the earth and sea, that when combined, produce a controlled, instant source of sustained spot heat. Anytime. Anywhere. Any industry.

4 Minerals. 90+ Patents. Unlimited Possibilities.

Lava Gel’s heating properties are a result of a natural mineral reaction. When combined with water, safely heating the application for a pre-determined duration and temperature – 30 minutes to 4 hours, from room temperature to over 200°.



The compound itself is made from food-grade, friendly minerals making it safe in countless applications.



Our unique self-heating applications are completely portable and require no electricity, batteries, or cords.



Lava Gel’s technology has the power to solve age-old problems and change the lives of everyday people.


  • Lava Gel®, is a proprietary blend of vitamin-grade iron and magnesium, food-grade salt, water, and absorbents.
  • All ingredients are inert and non-toxic. After the heat reaction of the natural minerals, a spent charge is approximately 96% compostable by weight with the balance of 4% consisting of the degraded absorbents that remain both inert and non-toxic.
  • The heating process converts magnesium and iron into magnesium hydroxide – known commercially as “milk of magnesia”, a common antacid – and Iron Oxide. Both compounds are used in agricultural soil amendments to fertilize and help plants grow.
  • The absorbents are also used agriculturally as soil amendments to improve water retention around plant roots and to help reduce water use in farming, parks, and golf courses. Of note, this absorbent class is also an FDA approved ingestible used in diet pills to absorb stomach liquids, create the sensation of fullness and then, pass safely through the human digestive tract.
  • Lava Gel®, safely deliver reliable non-electric, flame-free heat for up to 90-minute thermal wellness treatments. They are non-toxic, inert, and environmentally highly sustainable.
  • Lava Gel is patented and sold under exclusive license from Forever Young Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.©️ 2023

We’re on a mission

  • Lava Gel is a privately held company based in Las Vegas, NV. We’re comprised of a diverse group of ambitious scientists, manufacturers, marketers, and industry veterans who are all dedicated to using mineral energy to transform the world we live in. We believe bringing a safe, reliable heating source to everyday applications, from medical devices to food and beverage and everything in between is long overdue. It’s this challenge that drives us every day. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.